benoît guimier_

Foyer du lycée Clémence Royer

Graphic design, mural painting, Fonsorbes

Couloirs d'évasion

exhibition "l'etoffe des rêves", floor painting, Pavillon Blanc Henry Molina, Colomiers


Visual identity, mural painting and cartography, Saint-Lys

Véloroute marquage

DNSEP project, webdesign and signage painting in urban space, Toulouse, 2020

isdaT Open Days

isdaT 2019 open days, visual identity, print & web, 2019

Forbike clothing

visual identity, graphic design for bike clothings, Ordan-Larroque, 2020

Savage Signage

Painting in urban space, Toulouse, 2020

L'imitation de vitesse

Master essay, Toulouse, 2019

Château de Roquefoulet

Visual identity, webdesign, signage design and editorial design

Prism physio

Visual identity and webdesign

Le 58

Wall painting workshop